Instant Hawthorn Fruit Powder

Instant Hawthorn Fruit Powder

  • Hawthorn Fruit Powder
  • Hawthorn Fruit Juice Powder
  • Organic Hawthorn Fruit Powder
  • Organic Instant Hawthorn Fruit Powder
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FruiVeg™ Instant Hawthorn Fruit Powder is a high-quality Hawthorn Fruit powder produced by a new special process using fresh Hawthorn Fruit raw materials. No preservatives, fragrances, and pigments are added during the production process. Instant Hawthorn Fruit Powder is not easy to agglomerate, the powdery color is beautiful, and it has the inherent color and taste of the product. Instant Hawthorn Fruit Powder is easy to dissolve in water and dissolves quickly in cold water. Instant Hawthorn Fruit Powder can be widely used in fruit juice, fruit wine, jam, preserved fruit, jelly, beverage and other product industries.

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Product Name Instant Hawthorn Fruit Powder
Water soluble Easily soluble in water, fast dissolving in cold water
Product specifications based on customer's needs
Application field Fruit juice, fruit wine, preserved fruit, jam, jelly, beverage, etc.
Product color Has the inherent color of the product
Product smell Unique taste of raw materials
Storage conditions This product should be sealed and shading, dry, cool and well ventilated
Production Process New special process
Shelf life 24 months

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